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Submissions by Ismael ismail


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19271 Kylix Source Code Video capture component for Kylix?
Looking for a video capture component for Kylix,well here you are!
11/18/2002 2:28:30 AM 560 15K
19270 Kylix Source Code Kylix support for windows-like Send/PostMessage
Kylix support for SendMessage and PostMessage
11/18/2002 2:16:52 AM 544 77.6K
19268 C++Builder Source Code Capture Webcam video to stream, file or avi
This is a simple dll (no Transform filter) to simply webcam video frame under windows with simple API
11/18/2002 2:05:00 AM 2395 112.6K
19269 C++Builder Source Code Video compression library(Vidc) part II
The is the second and final part of the Video Codec Manager port to C++Builder.
11/18/2002 1:53:59 AM 850 237.5K
18098 C++Builder Source Code Another Structured Storage wrapper library with usage sample
Microsoft Structure Storage wrapper with operations like (open directory, list directory content, get inner files names....)
6/6/2002 11:09:14 AM 401 53.4K
18097 C++Builder Source Code Get your interface MAC address , MTU ...
This is a quick and dirty way to get your network interfaces list with MAC , MTU and else using iphlp api
6/6/2002 10:52:46 AM 1356 15.3K
18095 C++Builder Source Code Video compression library(Vidc)
Vidc BC/CB port
6/6/2002 10:44:11 AM 819 5.6K

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