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Submissions by Ray Vecchio


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30674 RAD Studio Source Code A handy memory/handle usage logging tool. <Fixes:22/02/2017>
This is a handy memory/handle usage logging tool, to log various OS resources.
2/23/2017 9:19:27 AM 66 31.4K
30720 RAD Studio Fixes Fix for Find in Files Dialog problems with Large Fonts
When large fonts are used the Find in Files dialog in the IDE is cut off, this package will, change the height and make the dialog resize-able.
2/23/2017 3:51:55 AM 14 11.7K
30518 C++Builder Source Code A QD tracer for Clang compiler on Windows.<FIXED>
A Quick and Dirty profiler/tracer for Clang compiler on Windows. Allows you to profile all compiled functions in your C++ application,
built with the Clang based C++ compilers.
12/15/2016 6:07:18 AM 44 7.7K
30517 RAD Studio Binaries The Exemarker utility modifies/shows fields in a PE binary.
The Exemarker utility modifies/shows fields in a PE binary. It combines what is available in LAMarker and TimeMarker, but adds more flexibility. <Update1> Please use with care...
7/5/2016 3:50:21 AM 46 386.7K
30516 RAD Studio Binaries This utility to adjusts internal date time stamps of a binary.
This utility (TimeMarker.exe) adjusts the internal date time stamps of a binary's PE header and resource directories.
4/15/2016 8:06:20 AM 24 365.3K
30459 C++Builder Binaries LAMarker, a tool to set/unset Large Address Aware bits
LAMarker is a tool to set/unset Large Address Aware bits, in the PE header of a binary.
1/13/2016 1:39:24 PM 1243 60.4K
30367 RAD Studio Fixes <Update3>A temporary fix (imperfect) for Large Fonts R10
<Update>A temporary fix (imperfect) for displaying very large text when Large Fonts are used, in RAD Studio 10 Seattle.
10/8/2015 4:13:50 AM 538 12.2K
30160 Delphi OpenTools A tool to terminate Android ADB when it locks files in the IDE
Under some circumstance it looks as if the Android ADB locks files and prevents the compilation or debugging of an application. <New>
9/11/2015 2:58:42 AM 84 7.4K
30158 RAD Studio APIs External storage helper functions for Android
Miscellaneous "flattened" helper functions for Android external storage from the Environment class, for Delphi and C++
3/10/2015 9:13:07 AM 465 4.3K
30127 RAD Studio OpenTools Source for an add-in to easily manage packages the IDE loads
Compile and install the add-in to allow you to easily specify what packages the IDE will load.
2/6/2015 3:36:57 AM 115 5K
30029 Delphi OpenTools Releasing Unit cache to reduce out of memory errors in the IDE
This is a slightly modified version that that will only flush the cache for packages, and it now only flushes the cache after a compile. The package now flushes the cache after a debug session.
11/10/2014 6:23:22 AM 116 7.8K
30019 Delphi APIs 64/32bit COM interop
Here an easy way to use 64bit COM classes in 32bit applications and vice a versa...
10/10/2014 1:17:12 PM 98 65.5K
29002 RAD Studio OpenTools <New>Use MSBuild externally from the IDE, for all projects.
This tool can allow any project (Delphi and C++) to be built outside the IDE using MSBuild.
3/11/2014 5:35:42 AM 107 10.4K
27575 Delphi Fixes A fix for Welcome Page, Stack Overflow at startup of 2010.
This package with source resolves the Stack Overflow and out of memory problem with the Welcome page.
10/30/2013 5:56:54 AM 1096 2.9K
29494 RAD Studio APIs A unit and demo for simple HTMLHelp support in FMX
Allows the use of HTML Help in Firemonkey application, allow popups and Table of Contents, Keyword, and helpcontxt/HelpId HTML help. Lots more features can be added this can be used as an easy starting point.
7/1/2013 3:06:22 AM 60 126.3K
28963 Delphi Fixes A hack fix for RegisterWindowMessage Atom leak...
When launching Delphi applications multiple times these applications will leak atoms due the usage of RegisterWindowMessage (RWM) in Control.pas (or VCL.Controls.pas) NOTE: This *only* happens when the Controls unit is linked in. This can cause applications to fail with messages like "not being able to create a window" or "not enough storage to complete an operation" etc.
9/7/2012 9:11:37 AM 358 7.3K
28619 Delphi Components AutoPlayCancel component.
This component installs an AutoPlayCancel handler, while the application is running and will intercept all autoplay notifications.
11/7/2011 7:35:27 AM 32 170.5K
26740 C++Builder Source Code Using Direct3D and TCanvas GDI improve speed in Vista.
Using Direct3D and TCanvas' GDI calls to improve graphics performance in Vista.
3/18/2009 9:23:15 AM 193 8.1K

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