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Submissions by Bill Joy


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23072 JBuilder OpenTools Restore old project selector toolbar control
Make the Project pane project-selector like in prior versions of JBuilder (clips rather than wraps, always stretches width of the pane).
2/26/2005 5:50:48 PM 45 2.2K
23010 JBuilder OpenTools Compare Files dialog remembers last size
A subclass of the dialog launched by File | Compare Files replaces the original to record/restore the width and height from the last usage.
2/5/2005 7:41:47 AM 40 1.9K
22746 JBuilder OpenTools Project Pane to Organize Open Files
Adds a undockable view of project open files which groups by read-only and modified state. Activates file when click on it. Includes source.
11/20/2004 2:02:29 PM 98 12.4K
22777 JBuilder OpenTools Adds Wizards submenu to Editor popup
Adds Edit | Wizards submenu to Editor popup. Also makes the Edit Fields/Properties dialog keystroke bindable. Includes source.
11/18/2004 7:27:20 PM 81 4.6K
22748 JBuilder OpenTools Additional Java Structure Pane Icons
Provides two new sets of Java structure pane icons. Includes source.
11/14/2004 3:10:55 PM 123 8.9K
22747 JBuilder OpenTools Date Macros for Use in Code Templates
Adds two date macros for use in a Code Template. When inserted will expand with the current date. Includes source.
11/14/2004 9:08:29 AM 95 5.4K
19261 JBuilder OpenTools Hexadecimal File Viewer / Editor
Allows viewing and editing of files as hexadecimal bytes using a JTable component within a JBuilder OpenTools API NodeViewer implementation.
11/18/2002 10:03:16 AM 368 8.8K
15930 JBuilder OpenTools Installs JavaBeans on the Component Palette using a command line
Adds a command line option which will use JBuilder to install JavaBeans on the Component Palette and then exit.
4/28/2001 3:38:25 PM 254 5.9K
15440 JBuilder OpenTools JB4 Enabling Old Deployment Wizard
Enables the old Deployment Wizard in JBuilder4 (which was superceded by the Archive Builder).
12/15/2000 9:09:36 AM 921 305 bytes
15424 JBuilder OpenTools MessageView Copy
Adds a toolbar button which may be used to copy the entire content of the selected tab of the MessageView pane.
12/9/2000 1:23:17 PM 869 5.4K
15310 JBuilder OpenTools JBuilder 4 Fixes for WebLogic Server 5.1.0 support
Fixes and improvements to JBuilder 4 generation of WebLogic deployment descriptors and the automatic running of ejbc.
10/30/2000 1:04:41 PM 2050 18.9K

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